How to Determine Duty Rates

It is the responsibility of the Importer to determine the HTS# for their products they are importing.  Many times a supplier overseas may have this information, but in many cases the number they use for exporting from their country will not be the exact same HTS# used in the USA for importing.


Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States


USPPI Exporter Requirements
Details about what is legally required of an exporter from the USA
Adobe Acrobat document [461.5 KB]
Importing to the United States
Brochure from US Customs covering all the general aspects of importing
Adobe Acrobat document [467.5 KB]
Import Export Resources
List of Websites to useful information about importing and exporting
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Company Brochure
Full Company Brochure listing all services provided
DLBCB Brochure.pdf
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Below is a short video direct from the ICC about Incoterms.  We tell clients, "The difference between a sophisticated importer and everyone else is their understanding and correct usage of Incoterms for their international negotiations and documentation".  Don't get surprised by unexpected costs and problems because you failed to specify an Incoterm on your purchase order.  As a buyer you are the boss, tell the seller what term you want to use to protect your interests.